The Cutest Bear In The Universe

Best Things To Do In Naha Okinawa, Japan

Do you guys see the lion on the roof? That’s Shisa! Shisa is a traditional Ryukyuan cultural artifact and decoration derived from Chinese guardian lions. Found everywhere you look in Okinawan society, the shisa (or shiisaa if you are using the Okinawan pronunciation), is a curly-maned cross between a dog and a lion. They are often found sat in pairs guarding an area’s entrance and are used to ward off evil spirits.🐶🐶

The famous Blue Seal ice cream!!!!! This is Okinawa Salt Cookies flavour 🍦🍦🍦Must try when you visit Okinawa!

Time to eat more!!!! Okinawa is well-known for fresh seafood! Any seafood lover here?

One of the most popular Okinawa food, #OkinawaSoba !🍜🍜🍜 It is a noodle soup dish that is quite unlike your original Japanese soba. It’s chewy noodles, soaked in delicious pork ribs (which literally melted in your mouth) and clear broth. Believe it or not, this bowl is only 500 Yen!!! Super cheap and it tastes so so good!!!

It’s time for shopping now! Mamaaaaaaa! I want this, it’s Shisa hat, it’s sooo cute😄😄😄😄

Me at Kokusai street, Naha, Okinawa. I come here everyday for shopping, buying souvenirs, having lunch and dinner 😊

Back in Naha! Now searching for dinner!!!

Decided to try ramen at Hokkaido Sapporo Ramen on Kokusai street. We get to try placing an order with their machine! Awesome experience haha

After Okinawa World, we returned to Naha! We were wandering around Kokusai street and didn’t know what to have for dinner. Then we found this restaurant by chance and we had an amazing dinner experience here! They serve good food with reasonable price, on top of that, they have live performance by the traditional Okinawa band!!!! I’ll show you how fun it was in the next video!

This is awesome! Everyone in the restaurant sang along with the band and danced around together. I’ve never seen such an awesome restaurant like this before. I was the only foreigner here but it wasn’t awkward at all. The uncle in the yellow tee is the owner here, he always looked after us and made sure that we enjoyed the food and all the activities with everyone!

The place actually fully booked and it requires advance booking actually. I didn’t book but the owner was so kind to try to find us a table finally. This is impressive! It’s a night I will remember forever! Highly recommended👍👍👍