The Happiest Bear In The Universe

About Nambi

About Nambi

The origin of Nambi:

Nambi was adopted as a baby bear from Siam Nakarin, Amphoe Hat Yai, Songkhla Thailand. Her adoption was filed on the 20th of February 2013 evening. As she took her baby steps into Mama’s house, little did she know that her life is transformed forever. 
Fast forward to year 2017, her paw prints has left a mark across 3 continents and 47 countries all over the world. She has also garnered a strong following on social media. 
In her free time, she likes to travel and take selfies with food. She has a very peculiar character. She is gullible, annoying, playful, mischievous, talkative, overconfident, proud and busybody.
Nambi likes to collect other teddy bears. She has over 50 teddy bears now. Nambi also likes to collect bear outfits. She has a unique dress for every occasion you can think of, yet she complaints that she needs more. Recently, she is crazy with collecting souvenir pins from places all over the world. 

What friends say about Nambi:

"Oh my goodness! So cute!!! I like you so much Nambi! So cute!!! 😘 "
Instagram Sports Bear, CA
"I wish to travel and eat good food with Nambi! 😋 Missed You!"
Instagram Pilot Bear, NL
"Wow! 😀 Awesome food 😀 We'll be right over to help you eat that! 😁😁"
Instagram Monkeys, NYC
" Go get me some ice cream Nambi! 🍦 Love you too. Let's travel together!"
Instagram Gentle Bear, TN

What Nambi says about Papa & Mama:

"Papa and Mama are the best because they always bring me on new adventures of food and travel around the world."
Instagram Celebrity Bear, Malaysia